We're Proud to Present
Connected Build
Connected Build
Infrastructure Team for All of You
The React team works first of all for Facebook, keeps them up to date and makes sure everything works for Facebook. We do the same for your company and many other companies.
How it works
Make Open Source libraries and maintainers work for you!
Influence, work and learn from the best open source maintainers out there!
A. Keeping you up to date
Get the library maintainers themselves to keep your code up to date.
B. Get a seat at the table
You already depend on us but you have no influence. Get the power to decide what we should do. And connect your CI to our libraries so we guarantee not to break your app!
C. Work with the best
Recurring meetings with the maintainers, ask and learn whatever you want!
Join the Connected Build consortium of companies
Make the maintainers of the open source libraries your code is using, work for you! Take control of your infrastructure.
Join the revolution
Open Source Maintainer?
Get real money for your work instead of relying on charity.