Tools and Packages

Tools and Packages

Thank you to our amazing community members who have created tools and packages around Apollo Angular! If you’ve built something and would like it to be featured, please send a pull request to add it to the list.

Http Link

An Apollo Link to allow sending a single http request per operation. It’s based on Angular’s HttpClient.

Why not apollo-link-http? You get SSR for free, ability to use Http Interceptors and easier testing.

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npm i apollo-angular-link-http

Http Batching Link

An Apollo Link to combine multiple GraphQL operations into single HTTP request.

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npm i apollo-angular-link-http-batch

Persisted Queries

An Apollo Link that allows to use Automatic Persisted Queries with apollo-angular-link-http.

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npm i apollo-angular-link-persisted

Code Generation

A tool to generate a ready to use in your component, strongly typed Angular services, for every defined query, mutation or subscription.

To learn more about the tool, please read the “Apollo-Angular 1.2  —  using GraphQL in your apps just got a whole lot easier!” article.

More about Query, Mutation, Subscription services in “Query, Mutation, Subscription services” chapter of Apollo Angular documentation.

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npm i @graphql-codegen/cli @graphql-codegen/typescript-apollo-angular

Other Packages

Packages listed above are specific to Angular but it’s possible to use any Apollo related package with Apollo Angular.