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Envelop: The Missing GraphQL Plugin System

Develop and share plugins that are usable with any GraphQL server framework or schema.

What Is Envelop?



Powerful plugin system that wraps the entire GraphQL execution pipeline.


Use any HTTP server, and any GraphQL schema (code-first or schema-first).
Develop Faster

Develop Faster

You don't have to reinvent the wheel for every feature. Write or reuse existing plugins.

How Does It Work?

Envelop provides a low-level hook-based plugin API for developers. By combining plugins, you can compose your own GraphQL "framework", and get a modified version of GraphQL with the capabilities you need.

Products List

Plugin Hub

Find, explore, try and test plugins for Envelop.

Learn More

The Envelop Approach

Learn more about Envelop core and how it works



Integrate envelop with your existing setup quickly, based on usage examples.

Integrations & Examples

Custom Plugins

Learn how to plan, build and share envelop plugins.

API Reference