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Prevent breaking changes, monitor performance of your GraphQL API, and manage your API gateway

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Happy users
Registered Schemas
Collected Operations
GitHub Commits

Schema Registry

Push GraphQL schema to the registry and track the history of changes.

All your GraphQL services in one place.

Version Control System

Schema checks

Schema explorer

Track every modification of your GraphQL API across different environments, such as staging and production.

Schema Registry

Perfect fit for your GraphQL Gateway

Manage your Gateway

Connect to Apollo Federation, GraphQL Mesh, Stitching and more.

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Global Edge Network

Access the registry from any place on earth within milliseconds.

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Apollo Studio alternative

GraphQL Hive is a drop-in replacement for Apollo Studio (Apollo GraphOS).

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GraphQL Observability

Be aware of how your GraphQL API is used and what is the experience of its final users.

GraphQL consumers

Overall performance

Query performance

Track every source of GraphQL requests and see how the API is consumed.

GraphQL Observability

Schema Management

Maintain GraphQL API across many teams without concerns.

Prevent breaking changes

Combination of Schema Registry and GraphQL Monitoring helps you evolve GraphQL API with confidence.

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Detect unused fields

Helps you understand the coverage of GraphQL schema and safely remove the unused part.

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Schema Policy

Lint, verify, and enforce best practices across the entire federated graph.

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Start with a free Hobby plan that fits perfectly most side projects or try our Pro plan with 30 days trial period.

Enter Hive

Fits your infrastructure

GitHub Integration

Our CLI integrates smoothly with GitHub Actions / repositories.

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Works with every CI/CD

Connect GraphQL Hive CLI to CI/CD of your choice.

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On-premise or Cloud

GraphQL Hive is MIT licensed, you can host it on your own infrastructure.

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Built entirely in public.

Public roadmap

Influence the future of GraphQL Hive.

Cloud and Self-Hosted

MIT licensed, host it on your own infrastructure.

Available for free

Free Hobby plan that fits perfectly for most side projects.


Implement your own features with our help.


All features are available on all plans - including the free plan. Our pricing is honest and based only on your real usage.


For personal or small projects
  • Unlimited seats, projects and organizations
  • Unlimited schema pushes & checks
  • Full access to all features (including SSO)


For scaling API and teams
  • Adjust your plan at any time
  • Everything in Hobby plan, and:
🎉 Free 30 days trial period


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Custom plan for large companies
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  • Change your plan at any time
  • Improved pricing as you scale
  • GraphQL / APIs support and guidance from The Guild
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