GraphQL Inspector

Validate schemas and detect changes. Receive schema change notifications. Keep Operations and Fragments consistent.


Works with GitHub

Start using our GitHub Application, setup everything within few clicks. Using GitHub workflows? Try out the GitHub Action.


GraphQL Inspector can be used in any Continuous Integration service. Use our modularized, CI suited version of CLI.


GraphQL Inspector offers a CLI that lets you analyze your GraphQL API but also client-side applications.

Open Source

Our codebase is publicly available on GitHub and it's easy to deploy and use your GitHub Application.
GraphQL Hive

GraphQL Hive

Cloud service and self-hosted Performance Monitoring tool and Schema
Registry built on top of GraphQL Inspector

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In-Code Annotations

GitHub offers in-code annotations and GraphQL Inspector, both App and Action enables you to use them. Nice and clean way to understand what have really changed and how it looked before and after.



Stay up to date with changes in GraphQL Schema. Receive notifications on Slack, Discord or even via Webhooks every time new changes are introduced.

Schema Validation

Detect Changes

Prevent breaking changes on Pull Request and Push levels. Get a fully detailed summary with a list of proposed changes to the GraphQL Schema and decide whether or not to implement them.

Intercept changes via HTTP

Intercept via HTTP

On every schema checking, your http endpoint receives a list of changes, list of related Pull Request or a commit SHA. Decide about the status of Pull Request.