GraphQL Inspector

GraphQL Inspector

GraphQL Inspector is a comprehensive suite of tools designed to assist you in maintaining and enhancing your GraphQL API, as well as the GraphQL clients consuming it.

With GraphQL Inspector, you can compare two GraphQL schemas and generate a detailed list of changes. Each modification is labeled as breaking, non-breaking, or dangerous, with a precise explanation. Additionally, you can validate documents and fragments against your schema, detect similar or duplicated types, and write your own validation rules.

GraphQL Inspector offers several ways to use its features, including a Command Line Tool, GitHub Application, GitHub Action, and Programmatic API. You can use the CLI and the programmatic API to build your own tools on top of GraphQL Inspector, or take advantage of the GitHub Application to get started quickly.

Use GraphQL Inspector however you like:

App and Action

Some of the key features of GraphQL Inspector include:

  • Comparing GraphQL schemas to detect changes.
  • Validating Operations and Fragments against the schema to identify deprecated usage.
  • Using a GitHub Application or GitHub Action to get up and running quickly.
  • Finding duplicated types within your schema.
  • Generating schema coverage reports based on Operations and Fragments.
  • Serving a GraphQL server with faked data and GraphiQL.
  • Introspecting a GraphQL API and saving the introspection result to a file.
  • GraphQL Inspector is a valuable tool for developers who want to maintain and enhance their GraphQL API. By identifying changes, validating documents, and detecting issues, it can help you ensure that your API is always up-to-date and working as expected.

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