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From GitHub Application to GitHub Action

Migrating from GraphQL Inspector App to GraphQL Inspector Action

GraphQL Inspector App is no longer available. To continue validating your GraphQL Schema against your master branch, we recommend switching to the GraphQL Inspector Action. The GraphQL Inspector Action provides similar functionality and is actively maintained.

The GraphQL Inspector App has been deprecated!

You can visit the issue about the deprecation of the GraphQL Inspector App on GitHub


The GraphQL Inspector App was used to check your Pull Requests for breaking changes in a GraphQL Schema. With its deprecation, you can now use the GraphQL Inspector Action to achieve the same results.

Migration Steps

Migrating from the GraphQL Inspector App to the GraphQL Inspector Action is a straightforward process. Follow these steps:

  1. If you’ve been using a .github/graphql-inspector.yaml configuration or package.json configuration for GraphQL Inspector and want to migrate to GitHub Actions, follow these steps.
branch: master
schema: schema.graphql # an output of `$ graphql-inspector introspect ...`

It’s also possible to setup everything in package.json (it must be placed in the root directory).

  // ...
  "graphql-inspector": {
    "branch": "master",
    "schema": "schema.graphql"

1. Create a New GitHub Action Workflow

Start by creating a new GitHub Action workflow or modifying an existing one. You can create a new workflow file in your repository under the .github/workflows directory. For example, create a file named graphql-inspector.yml.

2. Define the Workflow

Define the GitHub Action workflow with the desired events that should trigger schema checks. In this example, we’ll use a simple workflow that triggers on every push.

name: GraphQL Inspector Check
      - main

This configuration sets up the workflow to trigger when there’s a push event to the main branch. You can customize this based on your needs.

3. Set Up the Workflow Job

Inside your workflow file, add a job that checks your GraphQL schema using GraphQL Inspector. You can use the kamilkisiela/graphql-inspector action. Here’s an example:

    name: Check GraphQL Schema
    runs-on: ubuntu-latest
      - name: Checkout Code
        uses: actions/checkout@v2
      - name: Install Dependencies
        run: npm install
      - name: Run GraphQL Inspector
        uses: kamilkisiela/graphql-inspector@v2
          schema: schema.graphql
          # Additional action inputs as needed

In this job:

  • We check out the code from the repository.
  • Install any dependencies you might need.
  • Run the GraphQL Inspector Action, providing the schema path, which should point to the GraphQL schema file within your repository.

4. Commit and Push Your Workflow

Commit the changes you’ve made to your GitHub Action workflow file and push it to your repository. This will trigger the GitHub Action based on the configured events (in this case, a push to the main branch).

5. Review and Customize

Review the workflow run in your GitHub repository to ensure that it’s working as expected. You can customize the workflow further by adding more steps, setting up environment variables, or adjusting the trigger conditions to meet your specific requirements.

With this new GitHub Action workflow, you can easily check your GraphQL schema for breaking changes in an automated and efficient way.

6. Remove Previous Configuration (Optional)

Once you’ve verified that the GitHub Action workflow is working correctly, you can consider removing the previous configuration files (.github/graphql-inspector.yaml or package.json configuration) that you no longer need.

That’s it! You’ve successfully migrated your GraphQL Inspector configuration from the previous setup to GitHub Actions, allowing you to easily check your schema for breaking changes in an automated and efficient manner.

Customize Inputs (Optional):

The GraphQL Inspector Action allows you to customize inputs based on your specific requirements. You can configure options such as name, annotations, fail-on-breaking, approve-label, endpoint, rules, and onUsage.

Refer to the official GitHub Actions documentation for details on customizing your workflow.


Migrating from the GraphQL Inspector App to the GraphQL Inspector Action is a simple and necessary step. By following this guide, you can continue validating your GraphQL schemas effectively.

The GraphQL Inspector Action offers powerful features, including schema validation, coverage analysis, and change detection. We recommend migrating as soon as possible to benefit from these capabilities and ensure a smooth workflow.

If you have any questions or need assistance with the migration process, feel free to reach out for support.