Continuous Integration

Continuous Integration

GraphQL Inspector can be used with any Continuous Integration. It’s easy!


GraphQL Inspector already has CLI, but we developed a more suited approach for consuming it in CI/CD. It’s called CLI for CI.

Install it using:

npm i --global @graphql-inspector/ci

You need to install graphql globally too:

npm i --global graphql

The most common use case is schema diffing and all the other features are never touched. That’s why we decide to make each feature pluggable.

In GraphQLI Inspector CLI for CI, you’re able to install exactly what you want to use. Each command is an installable package.


Here’s a list of available commands. Pick one or a few.

graphql-inspector diff ...@graphql-inspector/diff-command
graphql-inspector validate ...@graphql-inspector/validate-command
graphql-inspector coverage ...@graphql-inspector/coverage-command
graphql-inspector similar ...@graphql-inspector/similar-command
graphql-inspector introspect ...@graphql-inspector/introspect-command
graphql-inspector serve ...@graphql-inspector/serve-command


”Loader” is a fairly new concept. Since each command is a package, we decided to do the same for schema/document loading logic.

Depending on the source of GraphQL Schema or GraphQL Documents, pick one or few from the list.

.graphql, .gql and similar@graphql-inspector/graphql-loader
.js, .jsx, .ts, .vue and similar@graphql-inspector/code-loader
introspection result .json@graphql-inspector/json-loader
File in Git repository@graphql-inspector/git-loader
File on GitHub@graphql-inspector/github-loader
GraphQL Endpoint@graphql-inspector/url-loader

Now you know where everything is but let’s find out how to make use of it.


Let’s take for example Schema Diffing and assume your latest schema.graphql is under master branch.

You want to compare two GraphQL Schemas:

npm i --global @graphql-inspector/diff-command

You need to be able to load schema.graphql from disk and from origin/master on Git:

npm i --global @graphql-inspector/graphql-loader @graphql-inspector/git-loader

With everything installed, you can use the command below in your CI setup:

graphql-inspector diff 'git:origin/master:./schema.graphql' 'schema.graphql'


Now, when you push your changes you would see the following:

Schema Diff in CircleCI

Remember, you can use any command the CLI offers.

Recommended Workflow

We recommend to automate the workflow and use husky to run $ graphql-inspector introspect.

  // ...
  "scripts": {
    "graphql:dump": "graphql-inspector introspect schema.js --write schema.graphql"
  "husky": {
    "hooks": {
      "pre-commit": "pnpm graphql:dump && git add schema.graphql"

This way your schema.graphql is always in sync with the code, on each commit.

Using Docker Image

You can use GraphQL Inspector Docker image in any CI/CD provider. For example, in CircleCI it would look like this:

version: 2
      - image: kamilkisiela/graphql-inspector
      - checkout
      - run:
          name: GraphQL Inspector
          command: 'graphql-inspector diff "git:origin/master:./schema.graphql" "schema.graphql"'