Meteor with Webpack — Faster compilation and better source handling

Arda Tanrikulu

Introduction to Meteor-Webpack

Meteor is a complete full stack framework for fast-start on your real-time web application. I don’t focus on that for now.

Webpack is a great bundler to compile your code including view templates, assets and the all stuff on your application.

However, Meteor already has its own built-in bundler; but it needs some challenging tricks when you’re working with ES2015 external npm dependencies or any compilation methods.

Meteor-Webpack is here as a solution to this kind of problems and lack of features in Meteor’s bundler.

Why Do You Need This?

For example, you have a Progressive Web Application using Service Workers, written in Angular, then you have to create a service worker manifest based on your output files. We don’t have a solution for this on Meteor CLI natively. However, Webpack has a lot of community plugins such as OfflinePlugin , Workbox and many others for this problem as a solution. Just install them, and add to your webpack.config.js . Meteor-Webpack will handle it like you’re working on a pure Webpack project.

Other example is server-side rendering. Angular CLI is based on Webpack, and the project can be compiled for SSR by Angular CLI; but you need a different server application to serve your Angular Universal application separate from Meteor backend. By using Meteor-Webpack, it is possible only by ejecting Angular CLI’s webpack.config.js , and use it on Meteor project.

Hot Module Replacement, Even for Server (Beta)

HMR hot module replacement

Reloading on recompilation while developing your app may take a lot of time. HMR comes to save us from this time loss on development. If you don’t know, what HMR is. You can check out Webpack’s documentation.

Meteor-Webpack integrates webpack-dev-middleware and webpack-hot-middleware to benefit HMR in your project. The only thing you have to do is enabling this feature just like any other Webpack project;

devServer: {
  hot: true

Also, you can use HMR for server side. Meteor-Webpack supports webpack-hot-server-middleware , that replaces changed modules on your server without restarting all Meteor server. This also provides a lot of benefits on development.

More Examples

There are more examples in the repository;

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