Sharing Envelops

Sharing Envelops

Sharing / Composing envelop Instances

After an envelop has been created, you can re-use the envelop and compose it with different envelops or plugins. This is useful if you wish to create a predefined layer of plugins and share it with others. This allows writing shareable pieces that can be used.

Here’s a small example for sharing envelops:

import * as GraphQLJS from 'graphql'
import { envelop, useEngine, useEnvelop, useSchema } from '@envelop/core'
// Somewhere where you wish to create the basics of what you wish to share
// This defined the base plugins you wish to use as a base.
const myBaseEnvelop = envelop({
  plugins: [useOrgAuth(), useOrgTracing(), useOrgLogsCollector()]
// Later, when you create your own Envelop, you can extend that and add custom plugins.
// You can also specify the schema only at this point
const myEnvelop = envelop({
  plugins: [

This approach allows developers to create a base Envelop and share it across the organization: you can define your monitoring setup, logging, authentication, etc., only once in a shared package and share it with others without losing the ability to extend it.