Fetch API ❤️ TypeScript

A new way of building and consuming REST APIs with the end-to-end type safety using TypeScript and OpenAPI

Consume Anywhere

feTS Client is an HTTP Client accepts any valid OpenAPI document and creates a type-safe client for it.


Using OpenAPI spec that can be used with any tool from the OpenAPI ecosystem. Server also comes with a Swagger UI out-of-the-box.

JSON Schema

Following JSON Schema specification to describe the routes. It can be used with any tool from the JSON Schema ecosystem.

No Code Generation needed for type-safety

feTS Client is fully type-safe. Types are inferred from the OpenAPI spec and JSON Schema without any code generation with the type inference.

Consume Anywhere

Deploy Anywhere

feTS Server provides a super fast HTTP server that can run anywhere with the power of @whatwg-node/server.