Integration & Deployment

Integration with Bun

feTS provides you a cross-platform HTTP Server. So you can easily integrate it into any platform besides Node.js. Bun is a modern JavaScript runtime like Node or Deno, and it supports Fetch API as a first class citizen. So the configuration is really simple like any other JS runtime with feTS;


npm i fets


The following code is a simple example of how to use feTS with Bun.

import { createRouter, Response } from 'fets'
const router = createRouter().route({
  method: 'GET',
  path: '/greetings',
  schemas: {
    responses: {
      200: {
        type: 'object',
        properties: {
          message: {
            type: 'string'
        required: ['message'],
        additionalProperties: false
  handler: () => Response.json({ message: 'Hello World!' })
const server = Bun.serve(router)`Swagger UI is available at http://localhost:${server.port}/docs`)