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Dotan Simha

TypedDocumentNode: the next generation of GraphQL and TypeScript


Using GraphQL and Typescript on the client just became a whole lot easier!

Dotan Simha

Best Practices for integrating GraphQL Code Generator in your frontend applications


The GraphQL codegen library can generate code for multiple purposes. Make sure you get the most out of it.

Dotan Simha

GraphQL Codegen adds new Apollo-Android and Java plugins


GraphQL Codegen adds a new Apollo-Android and a new Java Backend plugins!

Arda Tanrikulu

Stencil-Apollo - Stencil meets GraphQL


Stencil-Apollo lets you easily use GraphQL in Web Components.

Leonardo Ascione

GraphQL Code Generator - Introducing Hooks support for React Apollo plugin


Use and generate React Hooks with Apollo and Typescript with the new version of GraphQL Code Generator

Niccolo Belli

WhatsApp Clone using Angular, GraphQL, Apollo, TypeScript and PostgreSQL


An open-source full-stack example app made with Angular 7.2, TypeScript, GraphQL Subscriptions, GraphQL Code Generator, GraphQL Modules, PostgreSQL and TypeORM.

Eytan Manor

WhatsApp Clone using React (Hooks+Suspense), GraphQL, Apollo, TypeScript and PostgreSQL


Fully functional WhatsApp Clone using React (Hooks+Suspense), GraphQL, Apollo, TypeScript and PostgreSQL

Kamil Kisiela

Apollo-Angular 1.2 - using GraphQL in your apps just got a whole lot easier!


Check what's new in Apollo Angular and how to get the full potential benefits of using Angular + GraphQL + TypeScript combined thanks to GraphQL-Code-Generator

Arda Tanrikulu

GraphQL Code Generator for Typescript React Apollo


Generate React Apollo Query, Mutation and Subscription components and hook. All completely typed by TypeScript.

Kamil Kisiela

Apollo Angular 0.11


New name, AoT support, TypeScript improvements, and Angular 4 readiness