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Schema Registry for your GraphQL Workflows

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Dotan Simha

What's new in GraphQL-Codegen v2?


Human-readable types, improved infrastructure, a new plugin for TypeScript and more!

Charly Poly

GraphQL with TypeScript done right


How to get the most of React application types with GraphQL Code Generator

Dotan Simha

What's new with Apollo Client v3 and GraphQL Codegen


All the new features GraphQL Codegen adds to your type-system with the new Apollo Client 3

Soichi Takamura

graphql-let - A Webpack loader for GraphQL Code Generator


graphql-let is a webpack loader of GraphQL code generator.

Yuta Haga

Introducing: GraphQL Codegen plugin for TypeScript & SWR!


Working with GraphQL, TypeScript and SWR is now much simpler!

Dotan Simha

TypedDocumentNode: the next generation of GraphQL and TypeScript


Using GraphQL and Typescript on the client just became a whole lot easier!

Dotan Simha

Best Practices for integrating GraphQL Code Generator in your frontend applications


The GraphQL codegen library can generate code for multiple purposes. Make sure you get the most out of it.

Dotan Simha

Better Type Safety for your GraphQL resolvers with GraphQL Codegen


Type-check your resolvers implementation in order to find issues in build-time. Simply integrate with your existing TypeScript data models and context types.

Laurin Quast

Optimizing your Apollo Operations with GraphQL Code Generator and the Relay Compiler


Optimizing your Apollo Operations with GraphQL Code Generator and the Relay Compiler

Dotan Simha

GraphQL Codegen adds new Apollo-Android and Java plugins


GraphQL Codegen adds a new Apollo-Android and a new Java Backend plugins!

Leonardo Ascione

GraphQL Code Generator - Introducing Hooks support for React Apollo plugin


Use and generate React Hooks with Apollo and Typescript with the new version of GraphQL Code Generator

Arda Tanrikulu

Writing a GraphQL TypeScript project w/ GraphQL-Modules and GraphQL-Code-Generator


Writing a GraphQL TypeScript project w/ GraphQL-Modules and GraphQL-Code-Generator

Arda Tanrikulu

GraphQL Code Generator for Typescript React Apollo


Generate React Apollo Query, Mutation and Subscription components and hook. All completely typed by TypeScript.

Dotan Simha

GraphQL Code Generator v0.11


Generate React and Angular Apollo Components, Resolver signatures and much more!

Dotan Simha

What's new in GraphQL Codegen 0.9.0


The GraphQL codegen library can generate any code for any language — including type definitions, data models, query builder, resolvers, ORM code, complete full stack platforms!! and any specific code for your needs.

Dotan Simha

Introducing GraphQL Code Generator


The True GraphQL-First platform