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Hive Summer Update 2023

Learn what is new on GraphQL Hive, we have shipped a lot of new exciting features and improvements.

Laurin QuastJul 20th 2023
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Introducing Schema Policy in Hive

New GraphQL-Hive feature for enfocring best-practices and schema-design styles.

Dotan SimhaMay 16th 2023
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GraphQL Hive - Improvements in Schema Registry

GraphQL Hive announces new and improved schema registry model with improved workflow and user experience. Access to old model will end soon, switch recommended.

Kamil KisielaFeb 6th 2023
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How we shipped CDN access tokens with Cloudflare Workers and R2

Learn how we are using Cloudflare Workers to provide highly available access tokens for the Hive schema artifacts CDN.

Laurin QuastFeb 2nd 2023
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How ClickHouse helps us track billions of GraphQL requests monthly

Learn how ClickHouse enabled GraphQL Hive to scale from millions to billions of requests monthly.

Kamil KisielaNov 8th 2022
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Announcing free SSO (Single Sign On) for GraphQL Hive

Link your GraphQL Hive Organization to your OAuth OIDC provider of choice.

Laurin QuastNov 7th 2022
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Announcing self-hosted GraphQL Hive

Host your own GraphQL Hive instance. We are happy to announce that we have reached the milestone of making it easy to host their own instance of GraphQL Hive.

Laurin QuastOct 5th 2022
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Announcing GraphQL Hive, the complete GraphQL API manager

We are incredibly excited to share with you today the public launch of GraphQL Hive!

Charly PolyMay 24th 2022
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GraphQL Hive - Manage Your GraphQL API Workflow

Announcing the beta testing program of GraphQL Hive - schema registry for any GraphQL workflow.

Kamil KisielaMar 26th 2021