Announcing free SSO (Single Sign On) for GraphQL Hive

Laurin Quast

Today we are excited to announce that due to popular demand we now support connecting a GraphQL Hive Organization to an OAuth Open ID Connect Provider (OIDC) for Single Sign On (SSO).

GraphQL Hive is our schema registry solution for continuously evolving your GraphQL schema backed by performance insights and usage statistics. Whether you are working in a small company with a single GraphQL service or a big multi-team company with multiple (federated or composed) GraphQL services, GraphQL Hive is the perfect tool to help you manage your GraphQL schema.

GraphQL Hive gives you the flexibility of choosing your existing identity provider of choice for authenticating users, such as Google Workspaces, Okta, Auth0, and many more.

Users logging into GraphQL Hive via an OIDC provider will be automatically added and limited to interacting within your organization.

You can start using OIDC SSO on the GraphQL Hive Cloud version for any type of organization at no additional cost starting today.

Offering this feature for free is a big deal for us. We at The Guild believe that Single Sign On is a core security requirement and not a luxury feature that you have to buy in.

You can learn more about the broken relationship between SaaS vendors and SSO on the SSO Wall of Shame.

In addition, OAuth Open ID Connect login is not only limited to the GraphQL Hive Cloud version, but is also available on self-hosted GraphQL Hive which we announced Last month.

Huge thanks go out to the incredible helpful team at SuperTokens that helped us a lot with questions and feedback on shipping this feature. GraphQL Hive is fully open source and also uses the SuperTokens Open Source project for user authentication.

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