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Schema Registry for your GraphQL Workflows

GraphQL Hive - Manage Your GraphQL API Workflow

GraphQL Hive - Manage Your GraphQL API Workflow - The Guild Blog
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Today, we're happy to announce GraphQL Hive - a registry of schemas to manage, safeguard and optimize your team's workflows when deploying GraphQL services. Hold your horses, we're not publicly launching it yet, it's only the start of a beta testing program we give out today. Sign up for early access!

Short introduction

GraphQL Hive is a registry of schemas with many additional features to enhance your day-to-day work with GraphQL.

We think of GraphQL Hive as a beehive where instead of honey, GraphQL Schemas are being managed and produced.

GraphQL Hive will be released in two forms: An open-source collaboration tool and a hosted and managed service. That is in order we can support any type of GraphQL workflow, including custom workflows and on-premise needs.

Also, just like the bees, we're continuously working hard (or hardly working) to ship new features.

All Schemas

GraphQL Hive supports regular GraphQL, Apollo Federation and Schema Stitching services. In a later release we also aim to support other types of schemas, like open-api, gRPC, SOAP and others that are not originally GraphQL thanks to the power of our GraphQL Mesh library. That is in order that you will be able to enjoy all the powerful features from GraphQL Hive, even if you don't use GraphQL.

Use GraphQL Hive with GraphQL Mesh

Registry but not only

Our roadmap includes monitoring, safelisting of operations, breaking change detection, changelogs and many others. Our next task on the list is to support persisted queries for most GraphQL clients. Let us know what you wish to see in GraphQL Hive!

All of that to get a clear picture of how the GraphQL APIs are being developed and consumed.

Join the early access program

Request for early access today!

If you're interested to try it out and give us feedback, please visit and sign up for the early access program. The benefits are that you will get to work closely with us, while we review your use-cases and workflows and make sure GraphQL Hive supports you in the best way possible!