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New GraphQL Modules

GraphQL Modules showed up on NPM almost 3 years ago, but now we decided to rewrite it from scratch.

Kamil KisielaDec 21st 2020
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Authentication and Authorization in GraphQL (and how GraphQL-Modules can help)

After a few years of working with GraphQL, as open-source developers and as infrastructure team in large enterprises, we've learned some lessons about GraphQL, and how to authenticate and authorize GraphQL API.

Dotan SimhaJun 19th 2019
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Manage Circular Imports Hell in GraphQL-Modules

Manage Circular Imports Hell in GraphQL-Modules.

Arda TanrikuluMar 18th 2019
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Dependency Injection in GraphQL-Modules

Why did we implement our own Dependency Injection library for GraphQL-Modules?

Arda TanrikuluJan 11th 2019
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Scoped Providers in GraphQL-Modules

Understand how scoped providers work in GraphQL-Modules Dependency Injection.

Arda TanrikuluJan 11th 2019
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Modular Encapsulation in Large-Scale GraphQL Projects

Why is True Modular Encapsulation So Important in Large-Scale GraphQL Projects? — GraphQL Modules is your savior!

Arda TanrikuluJan 7th 2019
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Writing a GraphQL TypeScript project w/ GraphQL-Modules and GraphQL-Code-Generator

Writing a GraphQL TypeScript project w/ GraphQL-Modules and GraphQL-Code-Generator.

Arda TanrikuluDec 4th 2018
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Authentication with accounts-js & GraphQL Modules

How to implement server-side using accounts-js, GraphQL-Modules and Apollo-Server

Arda TanrikuluNov 16th 2018
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GraphQL Modules  —  Feature based GraphQL Modules at scale

Feature based GraphQL Modules at scale.

Uri GoldshteinNov 5th 2018
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