Hive Summer Update 2023

After shipping Schema Policy last month we are happy to share with you some of the new features we worked on.

Persisted Schema Checks

We now persist the schema checks and display them on the Hive Target page. When using the GitHub integration we now also automatically link the GitHub check run to the schema check. You can see a schema diff, policy errors, and the supergraph in this new view.

Schema Checks Overview

Manually Approve a Schema Check

It is now possible to manually approve a schema check. Doing so will transform the schema check into a successful schema check and also update the GitHub check run on the linked repository from failed to successful.

Schema Coordinate Client Usage on Explorer

On the Explorer page, we now show which clients are using a specific schema coordinate. This is useful to understand which clients are affected by a schema change and which teams you need to contact for communicating an upcoming schema change.


In the following example, you can see that the Mutation.schemaPublish schema coordinate is used by Hive Client, Hive CLI, Hive Ruby Client and other unknown clients.

Schema Coordinate Client Usage on Explorer Page

Subgraph Information on Explorer

For Federation projects, we now show the subgraph information on the Explorer page. It is now easier to understand which types and fields are referenced from which subgraphs, which helps you do strategic decisions.

Subgraph Information on Explorer

Filter GraphQL Operations by Client

It is now possible to filter the GraphQL operations by clients on the Operations view. This allows you to quickly find all operations that are used by a specific client.

Filter Operations by Client

GraphQL Operation Collections

You can now save and organize GraphQL Operations in collections in the Laboratory. Share the collections with your team and make collaboration easier.

A New Fresh Look

It is no secret that we at The Guild are developers and not designers. However, we tried our best to improve the UI and UX of Hive. We hope you like it.

Support Google Cloud Storage for Self-Hosting

We now support Google Cloud Storage as a storage backend for self-hosted Hive instances.

Improved Documentation Search

We improved the search on the documentation page for your convenience. It might seem like a small change but it makes a big difference.

New documentation search

What Do You Think Is Still Missing?

The development of Hive is driven by community members needs and contributions. We appreciate any feedback on the existing and new features we just shipped.

If there is anything you are missing or you have any questions, please reach out to us or open a GitHub issue (or pull request) on the GraphQL Hive repository.

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