GraphQL Code Generator for Typescript React Apollo

Arda Tanrikulu
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GraphQL Code Generator (opens in a new tab) is a template based generator that lets you generate anything out of your GraphQL schemas and queries.

So we've created a new template that generates React Apollo's Query, Mutation and Subscription components, as well as HOC components, all completely typed by TypeScript, so you won't have to do that work manually!

Introducing a Code Generator for React Apollo

Whether you use the new React Apollo API or you prefer to use HOC, there is really no need to write those wrapper components again and again!

Based on a GraphQL static schema and a GraphQL query, the GraphQL Codegen - Typescript React Apollo Template (opens in a new tab) will generate a ready to use, fully typed components. All you need to do is to write your query, mutation or subscription and just use those components in your application.