Mesh is a GraphQL composition framework and gateway for both GraphQL Federation and non-GraphQL Federation subgraphs, non-GraphQL services, such as REST and gRPC, and also databases such as MongoDB, MySQL, and PostgreSQL.

The GraphQL Mesh framework consists of two main components.

  • Mesh Compose. Combine muliple API sources (GraphQL, Federation, REST, gRPC, PostgreSQL, MySql and co) into a single GraphQL supegraph.

  • Mesh Serve. The Gateway to serve your existing supergraph as provided by either Mesh Compose, GraphQL Hive, Apollo GraphOS, or a proxy to your existing GraphQL API. Flexible support for authentication, authorization, caching, rate-limiting and observability.

Next steps

Want to turn existing services into a GraphQL supergraph? Continue with Mesh Compose.

Already have a supergraph from a schema registry such as GraphQL Hive or Apollo GraphOS and want to spin up a gateway? Continue with Mesh Serve.