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@envelop/disable-introspectionDownloadsVersionLicenseOct 16th, 2023


This plugin injects the NoSchemaIntrospectionCustomRule validation rule exported from the graphql module to the validation phase for disabling introspection.

Getting Started

yarn add @envelop/disable-introspection

Usage Example

import { execute, parse, specifiedRules, subscribe, validate } from 'graphql'
import { envelop, useEngine } from '@envelop/core'
import { useDisableIntrospection } from '@envelop/disable-introspection'
const getEnveloped = envelop({
  plugins: [
    useEngine({ parse, validate, specifiedRules, execute, subscribe }),

Optional configuration

The plugin optionally accepts a configuration object:

  disableIf?: ({context, params}) => boolean
  • disableIf: A function that allow you to evaluate the need to disable introspection, based on the incoming operation. If introspection needs to be disabled/enabled based on the dynamic parameter (GraphQL operation, or, incoming request/headers), use this function to determine when introspection needs to be disabled. Return true for disabling the introspection for the incoming operation, or false to allow introspection.