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This project integrates GraphQL and ESLint, for a better developer experience.

Created and maintained by The Guild (opens in a new tab).

Key Features

  • Integrates with ESLint core (as a ESTree parser)
  • Works on .graphql files, gql usages and /* GraphQL */ magic comments
  • Lints both GraphQL schema and GraphQL operations
  • Extended type info for more advanced usages
  • Supports ESLint directives (for example: eslint-disable-next-line)
  • Easily extendable - supports custom rules based on GraphQL's AST and ESLint API
  • Validates, lints, prettifies and checks for best practices across GraphQL schema and GraphQL operations
  • Integrates with graphql-config (opens in a new tab)
  • Integrates and visualizes lint issues in popular IDEs (VSCode / WebStorm)

Blog Posts


Special thanks to ilyavolodin (opens in a new tab) for his work on a similar project.