Getting Started

Quick Start

Make sure that you add both the graphql and @graphql-codegen/cli packages in your project’s dependencies:

npm i graphql
npm i -D typescript @graphql-codegen/cli

If you want watch mode support you need to add @parcel/watcher as well:

npm i -D @parcel/watcher

Global Installation


Please avoid installing graphql, @graphql-codegen/cli, and its plugins as global dependencies. This will cause issues because of duplications of the graphql package. Install it only locally in your project.

Monorepo Project


If you are using Monorepo setup (Lerna/Yarn Workspaces/anything else), please note that GraphQL Codegen is using require to load plugins and files. This might break and fail in case of hoisting.

If you are having issues with loading GraphQL-Codegen plugins, make sure it’s installed correctly, at the same level of node_modules, and make sure it’s accessible and available for the Codegen CLI.

GraphQL Code Generator comes with dozens of plugins, from front-end to back-end, from web apps to mobile apps. If you are not sure which plugins might be helpful for your GraphQL stack, give a try at the Initialization Wizard.

Otherwise, you can start exploring the plugins and setting up them manually.


Initialization Wizard

Once installed, GraphQL Code Generator CLI can help you configure your project based on some popular flows:

npx graphql-code-generator init
npm install # install the chosen packages

Question by question, it will guide you through the whole process of setting up a schema, selecting and installing plugins, picking a destination to where your files are generated, and a lot more.

Manual Setup

Once GraphQL Code Generator is installed and added to your project’s development workflow (scripts), you can start installing plugins and configuring them.

If you are looking for the best way to leverage GraphQL Code Generator on your stack, you should read one of our Guides.


We recommend using a client preset that has a recommended configuration for the client applications. It’s included in the @graphql-codegen/cli package by default. Follow one of the following guides to learn more:


If your stack is not listed above, please refer to our plugins directory.