Migration Guides
v0.18 -> v1.0

Migration to 1.0.0

What has changed?

Our goals (and achievements) for 1.0.0 release was:

  • Rename all package from graphql-codegen-… to scoped packages @graphql-codegen/…
  • Stabilize the core package and the YML configuration file
  • Remove the old, deprecated code from this repository (everything related to flattenDocuments and buildSchemaContext)
  • Separate the CLI package from the core package, and create an easy-to-use and easy-to-consume core package
  • Add better support for running the codegen in non-node environments, by clearing unused dependencies and add support for tree shaking
  • Remove the dependency for Handlebars from this repository
  • Introduce a new, easy-to-use common base for plugins, based on Visitor pattern, that uses visit from graphql package
  • Better unit tests for all plugins packages, by use TypeScript compiler to compile each test result- makes it much easier to detect mismatches and invalid output
  • Refactor the entire TypeScript plugin, and create better and optimized output
  • Fix most of the GitHub issues
  • Update website and documentation for all plugins

New TypeScript Libraries

During the refactor, we rewrote all TypeScript-related plugins. By doing that, we introduced some breaking changes.

Before those changes, you had to depend on typescript-common plugin, and add typescript-server and typescript-client (and others) on top of it.

Now, typescript plugin is the plugin you need to use for backend (it combines typescript-common and typescript-server), and use typescript-operations on top of it for the client-side.

The reason for this change is the fact that now typescript-operations uses Pick<> to create the client-side types, instead of generating tons of namespaces and interfaces.

How to migrate?

First, the new packages have a different name, that means that you need to manually update those packages names, and not just it’s version.

The graphql-code-generator package is now @graphql-codegen/cli and all other packages has been changes from graphql-codegen-… to @graphql-codegen/….

So start by updating your package.json:

  "devDependencies": {
    "graphql-code-generator": "0.18.0",
    "graphql-codegen-typescript-common": "0.18.0",
    "graphql-codegen-typescript": "0.18.0",
    "graphql-codegen-typescript-documents": "0.18.0"

Also, make sure to update your YML config file:

  schema: schema.json
    - typescript-common
    - typescript-server

And for client-side:

  schema: schema.json
    - typescript-common
    - typescript-client

Breaking Changes & Semver

We tried to avoid breaking changes, but it’s not always possible. We had a lot of issues we couldn’t fix before because we didn’t want to introduce breaking changes.

It was very hard for us to track breaking changes in the past, but it it’s easier for us, and we promise to be semver-compatible.

You can find a list of all breaking changes in GitHub Releases page.

We also created a new plugin, called typescript-compatibility that generates backward compatibility for the typescript-operations and typescript-react-apollo plugins. It will generates for you types that are pointing to the new form of types. It supports most of the use-cases.

To use it, start by installing from NPM:

npm i -D @graphql-codegen/typescript-compatibility

Then, add it to your codegen configuration:

  schema: schema.json
    - typescript
    - typescript-operations
    - typescript-compatibility

If typescript-react-apollo plugin also specified in your config file, it will generate backward-compatibility for it.