Hasura Allow List

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@graphql-codegen/hasura-allow-list (opens in a new tab)DownloadsVersionLicenseAug 28th, 2023


npm i -D @graphql-codegen/hasura-allow-list

Generate hasura allow list metadata from graphql files

You can use this plugin to generate an allow list (opens in a new tab) for your hasura (opens in a new tab) project.

This can be useful to keep your allow list and front end code in sync.


import type { CodegenConfig } from '@graphql-codegen/cli'
const config: CodegenConfig = {
  // ...
  generates: {
    'path/to/metadata/allow_list.yaml': {
      plugins: ['hasura-allow-list']
export default config

Config API Reference


type: string default: allowed-queries

Choose the collection name to be generated. Defaults to allowed-queries


type: number (values: 2, 3) default: 3

Target metadata config version. Supported versions are 2 and 3. This is mostly for future proofing, currently has no impact as both versions use the same format. The default value will change in the future if/when newer config versions are released.


type: boolean default: false

Whether to source fragments per-document, or globally. If set, will enforce fragment name uniqueness