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Hasura Allow List

Package nameWeekly DownloadsVersionLicenseUpdated
@graphql-codegen/hasura-allow-listDownloadsVersionLicenseOct 25th, 2023


npm i -D @graphql-codegen/hasura-allow-list

Generate hasura allow list metadata from graphql files

You can use this plugin to generate an allow list for your hasura project.

This can be useful to keep your allow list and front end code in sync.


import type { CodegenConfig } from '@graphql-codegen/cli'
const config: CodegenConfig = {
  // ...
  generates: {
    'path/to/metadata/allow_list.yaml': {
      plugins: ['hasura-allow-list']
export default config

Config API Reference


type: string default: allowed-queries

Choose the collection name to be generated. Defaults to allowed-queries


type: number (values: 2, 3) default: 3

Target metadata config version. Supported versions are 2 and 3. This is mostly for future proofing, currently has no impact as both versions use the same format. The default value will change in the future if/when newer config versions are released.


type: boolean default: false

Whether to source fragments per-document, or globally. If set, will enforce fragment name uniqueness