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yarn add -D @graphql-codegen/typescript-apollo-client-helpers

This plugin generates helpers for improving the integration of TypeScript and Apollo-Client, based on your schema.


Note: this plugin generates code that intended for apollo-client @ > v3 only.

This plugin generates fully-typed keyFields and Type-Policies for Apollo-Client.

How to use?

Start by adding this plugin to your configuration:

schema: my-schema.graphql
      - typescript-apollo-client-helpers

Then, use the generated TypeScript type as your signature for typePolicies:

import { StrictTypedTypePolicies } from './apollo-helpers'
const typePolicies: StrictTypedTypePolicies = {
  // Keys in this object will be validated against the types on your schema
  Product: {
    keyFields: ['id'] // Values in this field will be validated against the available fields from the Product type
  Person: {
    keyFields: ['name', 'email']
  Book: {
    // This entire definition is typed, based on available types and fields
    fields: {
      tags: {
        merge: false
const cache = new InMemoryCache({ typePolicies })

Config API Reference


type: boolean default: false

Will use import type {} rather than import {} when importing only types. This gives compatibility with TypeScript's "importsNotUsedAsValues": "error" option


type: boolean default: false

Remove optional sign from all keyFields fields.


type: boolean default: false

Remove optional sign from all generated keys of the root TypePolicy.

Last updated on August 10, 2022