GraphQL Modules Preset

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npm i -D @graphql-codegen/graphql-modules-preset

Config API Reference


type: string

Required, should point to the base schema types file. The key of the output is used a base path for this file.


type: string

Overrides the package import for the base types. Use this if you are within a monorepo, and you wish to import the base types directly from a different package, and not from a relative path.


type: string default: process.cwd()

Optional, override the cwd of the execution. We are using cwd to figure out the imports between files. Use this if your execution path is not your project root directory.


type: string default: Types

Optional, override the name of the import namespace used to import from the baseTypesPath file.


type: string

Required, sets the file name for the generated files.


type: string default: namespace

Configure how to encapsulate the module types, to avoid confusion.

namespace (default): will wrap all types in a TypeScript namespace, using the module name. prefix: will prefix all types from a specific module with the module name. none: will skip encapsulation, and generate type as-is.


type: boolean default: false

Generate resolvers of root types (Query, Mutation and Subscription) as non-optional.


type: boolean default: true

By default, the generated types will generate some code specific to graphql-modules library.

If you are not using GraphQL-Modules, you can disable this feature by setting this to false.

The @graphql-codegen/graphql-modules-preset generates .ts file with TypeScript types, per each directory that contains GraphQL SDL definitions.

The generates files will be generated based on each module definition, and based on the GraphQL schema defined in that specific module, allowing you to write type-safe resolvers, while keeping modules types boundaries.


Usage Requirements

This preset generates code for graphql-modules @ v1 / v2 (previous versions are not supported) by default.

If you are not using graphql-modules, you can set useGraphQLModules: false to disable this behaviour.

Usage Example

Given a folder structure with the following files:

- src/
  - modules/
    - user/
      - resolvers.ts
      - typedefs/
        - user.graphql
    - product/
      - resolvers.ts
      - typedefs/
        - product.graphql

Here’s a short example for generating types and resolvers for 2 modules:

import type { CodegenConfig } from '@graphql-codegen/cli'
const config: CodegenConfig = {
  schema: './src/modules/**/typedefs/*.graphql',
  generates: {
    './src/modules/': {
      preset: 'graphql-modules',
      presetConfig: {
        baseTypesPath: '../generated-types/graphql.ts',
        filename: 'generated-types/module-types.ts'
      plugins: [
          add: {
            content: '/* eslint-disable */'
export default config

This will generate a file called module-types.ts under each module you have.

To use the generates resolvers, you can use Resolvers signature and apply it to your resolvers object within the module:

import { MyModule } from './generated-types/module-types'
export const resolvers: MyModule.Resolvers = {
  // Here you can implement only the types and fields defined in your module!

Using without GraphQL-Modules

By default, this preset it generating code for graphql-modules, but if you are not using it, you can set useGraphQLModules: false in your preset configuration to generate fully agnostic types that are based on folder structure only.