Introducing: GraphQL Codegen plugin for TypeScript & SWR!

Yuta Haga

The other day I was wondering which GraphQL client library to use for my personal project.

Apollo-Client is a powerful GraphQL client, but many of its features don’t fit my use-case very well, making it a useless treasure.

So I tried combining graphql-request with SWR (React Hooks library for data fetching), and the bundle size was about 1/3 of the Apollo-Client combined with these two libraries, and I had the best experience of using the advanced features of SWR!

One thing was still missing: it’s hard to manually write a SWR fetcher every time…


Based on the above experience, I have created a GraphQL Code Generator plugin called graphql-codegen-plugin-typescript-swr that facilitates the combination of graphql-request and SWR, and published it to NPM!

Seeing is believing, so let’s first look at an example of the code generated by this plugin:

export function getSdkWithHooks(
  client: GraphQLClient,
  withWrapper: SdkFunctionWrapper = defaultWrapper
) {
  const sdk = getSdk(client, withWrapper)
  return {
      key: SWRKeyInterface,
      variables: GetPostQueryVariables,
      config?: SWRConfigInterface<GetPostQuery>
    ) {
      return useSWR<GetPostQuery>(key, () => sdk.GetPost(variables), config)

The code above is using the SWR plugin, in combination with typescript-graphql-request plugin.

This way, a wrapper function is generated for each GraphQL operation (query/mutation/subscription). The generated function uses the base code from the typescript-graphql-request plugin, and it uses useSWR to execute the actual request, so the user can get the same result as useSWR by simply entering the query key, variables, and options in the component!

const sdk = getSdkWithHooks(new GraphQLClient(API_URL, options))
const PostPage = ({ slug }) => {
  const { data, mutate, error } = sdk.useGetPost(
    { slug },
    { refreshInterval: 60 }
  return <Post post={} />


To get started, start by installing graphql-codegen-plugin-typescript-swr in addition to the @graphql-codegen packages:

npm i -D @graphql-codegen/cli @graphql-codegen/typescript @graphql-codegen/typescript-operations @graphql-codegen/typescript-graphql-request graphql-codegen-plugin-typescript-swr

Then configure codegen.yml:

overwrite: true
    schema: '${MY_GRAPH_API_ENDPOINT_URL}'
    documents: './api/my-graph-api/**/*.graphql'
      - typescript
      - typescript-operations
      - typescript-graphql-request
      - plugin-typescript-swr
  # If you have a query that you want to use `useSWRInfinite`, list it in Options
    - GetPost
    DateTime: string
    JSON: unknown
    Upload: unknown
    Time: string
    Date: string
    Long: number

The final graphql-codegen command will generate a set of types and SDKs in no time:

npx graphql-codegen

The repository readme contains specific use cases and more examples, and documentation for the available configurations.

Last but Not Least

Thanks to Urigo for providing a place to write an introduction to my Codegen plugin!

I would appreciate it if you could use it and give me feedback.

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