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A fully featured,
open-source GraphQL Gateway for any project

Conductor Gateway enriches any running GraphQL API with powerful features and proxy flows.
Conductor is open-source (MIT) and runs everywhere.

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Powerful GraphQL Gateway

Conductor acts as a proxy between your GraphQL consumers and your GraphQL server(s).

Conductor enriches your GraphQL runtime with powerful features such as caching,
rate-limiting, federated schemas and monitoring with a single line of configuration code.


Conductor can load many GraphQL source(s) and, combine, transform and federate the GraphQL schemas.
You can also expose many GraphQL endpoints from a single instance, with different schemas, variations and plugins.

Remote Type Merging

Federate, merge and transform GraphQL types from multiple sources into a unified GraphQL schema

Multiple Endpoints

Expose the same GraphQL schema on multiple endpoints: each endpoint can have its own flow and plugins

Chainable Configuration

Every part of the execution chain is publishable: you can decide what and how to expose with every endpoint.

Unlimited Extensibility

GraphQL features with zero effort. Choose from a curated list of plugins, or develop and deploy your own.

Response Caching

Add caching to your GraphQL service with zero effort and no code changes.


Built-in support for authentication (Basic/JWT/Auth0/...), authorization, rate-limit and more.


Monitor your service with built-in support for Prometheus, StatD and OpenTelemetry.

GraphQL to REST

Expose any GraphQL schemas as REST service, powered by SOFA

and many more

Self-hosted or Managed

Conductor is fully open-source (MIT) - you can either run your instance as part of your existing solution, or use the managed service that replicates anywhere on earth.

Edge Managed Service

Conductor managed service runs on the edge - as closer as possible to the consumer.


Conductor can run on-prem, on your own infrastructure, or in any Cloud service.

Runs Everywhere

Conductor is using Fetch API under the hood, so it can run on any JavaScript runtime: NodeJS, Workers, Deno and more.