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gem install graphql-hive

Integration Guide

Publishing Schemas

Please use the Hive CLI to publish your GraphQL schema. Follow the CI/CD instructions for automating the process.

Usage Reporting

Add collect_usage: true to your GraphQL::Hive configuration.

Optionally, you can pass an optional proc that will help identify the client that performed the query:

class Schema < GraphQL::Schema
  query QueryType
        token: '<YOUR_TOKEN>',
        # add this one for usage reporting
        collect_usage: true,
        # This option will be removed in a future release. Please report schemas using the Hive CLI.
        report_schema: false,
        # for clients reporting
        client_info: { |context| { name: context.client_name, version: context.client_version } },
        reporting: {
          # feel free to set dummy values here, or real runtime values if you have them
          author: 'Author of the schema version',
          commit: 'git sha or any identifier'

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