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npm i @graphql-hive/client

We recommend installing Hive Client package as a direct dependency of your project, because it includes a runtime to send usage reports and schemas to Hive registry.

The @graphql-hive/client package exports an Envelop plugin (opens in a new tab), that can be used directly with GraphQL-Yoga (opens in a new tab).

Integration Guide

Publishing Schemas

Please use the Hive CLI to publish your GraphQL schema. Follow the CI/CD instructions for automating the process.

Usage Reporting

You can send usage reporting to Hive registry by using the usage section of the configuration:

import { createServer } from 'node:http'
import { createYoga } from 'graphql-yoga'
import { schema } from './schema'
const yoga = createYoga({
  plugins: [
      enabled: true, // Enable/Disable Hive Client
      token: 'YOUR-TOKEN',
      reporting: {
        // feel free to set dummy values here, or real runtime values if you have them
        author: 'Author of the schema version',
        commit: 'git sha or any identifier'
      // Collects and send usage reporting based on executed operations
      usage: true
const server = createServer(yoga)
server.listen(4000, () => {'Server is running on http://localhost:4000/graphql')

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