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Lighthouse (Laravel)

Lighthouse (Laravel)


composer require stayallive/lighthouse-graphql-hive

Publishing Schemas

Publishing schemas directly from this extension is not enabled at the moment. You may publish the GraphQL schema using the Hive CLI, and then use usage reporting feature with this extension.

Usage Reporting

Add the following snippet to your config/services.php file:

    'graphqlhive' => [
        'enabled'   => env('GRAPHQL_HIVE_ENABLED', false),
        'token'     => env('GRAPHQL_HIVE_TOKEN'),
        'submitter' => env('GRAPHQL_HIVE_SUBMITTER'),
        'queue'     => env('GRAPHQL_HIVE_QUEUE'),

In your .env configure at least the following:

GRAPHQL_HIVE_TOKEN=<your Hive access token>

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