Use Cases
Apollo Studio alternative

Open Source Apollo Studio Alternative

GraphQL Hive stands as a compelling alternative to Apollo Studio (Apollo GraphOS). With a various of features and benefits, GraphQL Hive has proven itself as an exceptional choice for both individual developers and teams seeking a powerful GraphQL development environment.

Seamless Integration with Apollo Ecosystem

One of GraphQL Hive’s standout features is its seamless integration with the Apollo ecosystem. It harmoniously works alongside the Apollo Router and Apollo Gateway, ensuring a consistent and smooth experience for users. This integration extends to supporting Apollo Federation v1 and v2, allowing you to leverage the advantages of federated architectures while benefiting from GraphQL Hive’s capabilities.

Familiar Interface and Transition

For those fimiliar with using Rover CLI, transitioning to GraphQL Hive is remarkably straightforward. The Hive CLI has a similar interface, minimizing the learning curve for existing users. This aspect simplifies the migration process from Apollo Studio to GraphQL Hive, allowing developers to quickly adapt and continue their work without interruption.

Open Source Freedom, No Vendor Lock-in

Built on a foundation of open source technologies like Postgres, ClickHouse, and Redis, GraphQL Hive champions the open source ethos. Entirely MIT licensed, it offers unparalleled freedom to its users, enabling them to customize and extend the platform as needed. This commitment to openness also helps developers avoid vendor lock-in, granting them full control over their GraphQL infrastructure.

GraphQL Hive does not gate any features behind a paywall. Self-hosted and cloud-hosted options are identical.

On-Premise and Cloud Hosting Options

Whether you’re working on a side project or managing a larger beast, GraphQL Hive caters to your hosting needs. The self-hosting option is entirely free, eliminating any limitations on usage. Furthermore, GraphQL Hive Cloud offers a free Hobby plan, perfectly suited for most side projects. For those seeking more advanced features and capabilities, the Pro plan comes with a 30-day free trial, ensuring you find the best fit for your requirements.

According to our users, GraphQL Hive presents itself as an exceptional alternative to Apollo Studio, offering a seamless integration with the Apollo ecosystem, a familiar CLI interface, robust features, open source flexibility, scalable hosting options, and comprehensive monitoring capabilities. The transition from Apollo Studio (Apollo GraphOS) to GraphQL Hive is a straightforward step, allowing you to harness the power of GraphQL development to its fullest potential.