Link GitHub action repository to schema check

Laurin Quast

It is now possible to link more than one GitHub repository to individual schema checks and schema versions. This allows you to connect multiple GitHub repositories to a single target, which is mandatory for Federated GraphQL schemas, where subgraphs are distributed across multiple repositories.

How to link a GitHub action repository to a schema check

In order to leverage this new feature you need to upgrade the Hive CLI to the latest version, no further changes are required.

My project was already linked to a GitHub repository, what do I need to do?

Previously, we linked a single GitHub repository to a target within GraphQL Hive. This is no longer the case, and you can now link multiple GitHub repositories to a single target. All you need to do is grant access to the GitHub repositories within the organization settings. Then, within the target settings, you will see a list of repositories that can be linked.