Breaking change approval improvements

Laurin Quast

Breaking change approvals are now retained in the context of a pull request/branch.

In the schema check details, we now display the user that approved a breaking chang.

Approved by annotation

Also, approvals and breaking changes that are safe based on usage data are now always shown within the breaking changes section instead of being moved to the safe changes section.


Benefiting from this feature requires upgrading to the @graphql-hive/cli version 0.31.0.

If you use GitHub repositories and GitHub actions via the --github flag, no further action is required, aside from upgrading the CLI.

For other CI providers, you need to update your CI configuration to pass the --contextId option for the hive schema:check command. We recommend to use the pull/merge request number or branch name as the context ID.

hive schema:check --contextId "pull-request-21" ./my-schema.graphql

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