Native Apollo Federation v2 by default

Kamil Kisiela

We’re excited to announce that Apollo Federation v2 is now supported by default for newly created projects.

This eliminates the need to set up External Composition or manually opt-in for Apollo Federation v2, as it’s now the default behavior.

In October 2023 we announced an early access to Native Apollo Federation v2. Since then, we gathered feedback and observed the adoption.

Thank you 🙏 early adopters!

We’re confident in this change and anticipate it will greatly improve the developer experience for our users.

After an enormous effort, we are thrilled to finally make this feature accessible to all of you, and we couldn’t be happier! 🎉

What does it mean for new users?

When you create a new project, Apollo Federation v2 will be enabled by default. No additional steps are required.

What does it mean for existing users?

If you have an existing project that uses Apollo Federation v1 or External Composition, you can keep using it as is. We will continue to support these setups, and you can migrate to Native Apollo Federation v2 Composition at your own pace.

To opt-in, go to the Settings tab in your project dashboard and enable the Native Apollo Federation v2.