Specialized packages for GraphQL Servers & Cloudflare Worker Support

Kamil Kisiela

Exciting News!

We’re thrilled to reveal two updates today: library-specific packages and support for Cloudflare Workers.

Enhanced integration with GraphQL servers

We heard your feedback, and we’re always looking for ways to improve Hive. Providing a single package for all GraphQL server libraries can be challenging, especially when it comes to type safety.

To address this, we’re introducing library-specific packages. These packages are designed to seamlessly integrate with your GraphQL server of choice, improving the developer experience.


As part of this update, we’ll be sunsetting the @graphql-hive/client package in favor of new specialized packages.

Migration guide

  1. Remove @graphql-hive/client from your dependencies.
  2. Install @graphql-hive/yoga.
import { createYoga } from 'graphql-yoga';
- import { useHive } from '@graphql-hive/client';
+ import { useHive } from '@graphql-hive/yoga';

Cloudflare Worker Support

We’re delighted to announce that Hive now fully supports Cloudflare Workers. Thanks to making the core package node-agnostic, you can now use Hive in your Cloudflare Workers projects.

We recommend leveraging GraphQL Yoga with Cloudflare Workers as it provides an excellent developer experience and is well-suited for serverless environments with the Fetch API.

import { createYoga } from 'graphql-yoga'
import { createHive, useHive } from '@graphql-hive/yoga'
export default {
  async fetch(request, env, ctx) {
    const hive = createHive({
      enabled: true, // Enable/Disable Hive Client
      token: env.HIVE_TOKEN,
      usage: true // Collects schema usage based on operations,
      autoDispose: false,
    const yoga = createYoga({
      plugins: [useHive(hive)]
    const response = await yoga.fetch(request, env, ctx)
    return response