New GraphQL Inspector and upcoming features

Kamil Kisiela


We want to tell you about the new version of GraphQL Inspector. It’s been a while, but it’s finally out, and we have BIG plans for it.

What Is GraphQL Inspector?

It’s an entirely open-sourced and community driven tool to help you improve and maintain your GraphQL stack. It comes with a CLI, GitHub Application and GitHub Action. You can read more on our website.

Why Should I Read the Announcement?

First, Inspector is free and has a bunch of new exciting features. Plus, the announcement is short, so you can quickly read it and move on to watch Tiger King or whatever…

What’s New?

Short overview of new features, each of them has a dedicated article with explanations and details.

Links to those articles:

Schema Change Notifications

Stay up to date with changes in your GraphQL Schema. Receive notifications on Slack, Discord or even via WebHooks.

Notifications on Slack

Remote Control of Pull Requests via HTTP Endpoint

Intercept schema changes via HTTP and decide which changes are acceptable which are not and all of this through a serverless function.

Multiple Environments

The new version allows to define as many environments as you wish. We called them “environments” but those are just variants of GraphQL schema. You may have production environment as well as staging and QA.

GraphQL Endpoints

Use live and running GraphQL endpoints as the source of schema. This approach is very useful when you don’t deploy an API on every Push and your default branch can live with temporary breaking changes.


GraphQL Inspector since day one supported any kind of Continuous Integration and Delivery Pipeline. Nothing new here, except now it’s more flexible and super lightweight.

The new version of GraphQL Inspector comes with a CLI crafter specifically for CI/CD.

And a Lot More…

We highly recommend to visit and explore all the possibilities.

Future Plans

We’re working on Azure and Bitbucket integrations plus a monitoring feature. Talk to us to try it out.

We want to make Azure and Bitbucket a first-class citizens in GraphQL Inspector and give you the same experience as you get right now with GitHub.

Monitoring will enable you to analyze the traffic of your GraphQL APIs and provide details needed to improve performance. Collecting information about the usage will let you safely remove deprecated pieces of GraphQL Schema.

If you’re interested, please reach out to us!

Enjoy GraphQL Inspector!

We have big plans for Inspector, and you’re very welcome to join us in that journey.

GraphQL Inspector is a tool created by developers, for developers and that’s why we’d love to get your feedback and shape GraphQL Inspector together!

Oh… and it’s Open Sourced!

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