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Integration with Bun

GraphQL Yoga provides you a cross-platform GraphQL Server. So you can easily integrate it into any platform besides Node.js. Bun is a modern JavaScript runtime like Node or Deno, and it supports Fetch API as a first class citizen. So the configuration is really simple like any other JS runtime with Yoga;


yarn add graphql
yarn add graphql-yoga


The following code is a simple example of how to use GraphQL Yoga with Bun.

import { createYoga, createSchema } from 'graphql-yoga'
const yoga = createYoga({
  schema: createSchema({
    typeDefs: /* GraphQL */ `
      type Query {
        greetings: String
    resolvers: {
      Query: {
        greetings: () => 'Hello from Yoga in a Bun app!'
const server = Bun.serve(yoga)
  `Server is running on ${new URL(
Last updated on November 15, 2022