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SvelteKit is the fastest way to build svelte apps. It is very simple, and let you build frontend & backend in a single place.

You can add GraphQL Yoga with a few lines of code and get the benefits of GraphQL & SvelteKit at the same time. Envelop ecosystem for example!


In a SvelteKit project:import from '@theguild/components';

yarn add graphql
yarn add graphql-yoga


Create your graphql endpoint

Create the file src/routes/api/graphql.ts:

import { createYoga, createSchema } from 'graphql-yoga'
import type { RequestEvent } from '@sveltejs/kit'
const yogaApp = createYoga<RequestEvent>({
  schema: createSchema({
    typeDefs: `
			type Query {
				hello: String
    resolvers: {
      Query: {
        hello: () => 'SvelteKit - GraphQL Yoga',
  // Needed to be defined explicitly because our endpoint lives at a different path other than `/graphql`
  graphqlEndpoint: '/api/graphql',
export { yogaApp as get, yogaApp as post }

Simple example on our GitHub repository here

More examples with our KitQL library here
The best of all GraphQL ecosystem for SvelteKit.

Last updated on September 20, 2022